A Story of 60 Pounds

The first time I remember stepping on the scale and wanting to make the number smaller I weighed 140 pounds.

Today, I’m at the beginning of yet another new fitness program, planning meals and workouts with the most sincere hope I’ll be taking inches off my waist. Oh yeah, and I’m 200 pounds… how did I step on the scale, decide to lose weight and wake up six years later and 60 pounds heavier?

Well a lot happened in those six years. A lot of excuses about what was possible when trying to lose weight and live a healthy life. But also a lot of really valuable living.

I finished a joint major and got in to a graduate program. Two of those years I spent researching incarceration and finding myself in that grad program before deciding to move foreword with other projects.

I married Ben.

The growth I have experienced in the last six years is far greater than the growth I see on the scale.

But there was comfort eating, a few extra meals out with friends, and a whole lot of snacks.

None the less, it’s time to rewrite these pounds. It’s time to begin a chapter where the weight actually does come off.

So join me on this blog where, among other things, I will share my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

P.S. there’s an amazing community of people on this journey on instagram, follow my little corner of it at @fitish.kitten

Drop a comment and tell me: How much does fitness play a role in your life? Are you on your own fitness or weight loss journey, or perhaps you are focusing on other areas of your life. I want to hear all about it.


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    • Hey, that’s awesome! I don’t have a big sweet tooth so I’ve never struggled with sweets or sugary juices. I still need to seriously cut back on the salty treats like chips and fries 🙈

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