For Fit Sake: Week 4

Holy moly I can’t believe I’ve followed through on these little updates for almost a month. October has been all kinds of good to me! There have been tons of celebrations and time with friends and we’ve even had mostly good weather. This weekend I get to top it off with a weekend getaway to Blue Mountain with the husband.

All that being said, weeks 3 and 4 have been weaker for my dedication to fitness and eating well. It didn’t disappear altogether but it did get a little sidelined by my dedication to working 40-50 hour weeks with weird working hours and wanting to pour more creative energy into this blog.

Something I really struggle with on these weaker weeks when one thing or another moves to the top of the priority list and fitness suffers for it is feeling like it’s the end and I’ve failed. If my dedication or the hours I’ve physically and mentally put in to being healthy this week are less than what it was last week then I must have failed.

Anna Victoria’s programs work in 4-week cycles so I’ve also started to think in this pattern that gives time to assess and refocus every 4 weeks.  Since I’m at this first milestone I want to take a moment to break old habits, celebrate victories and look forward.

I’ve still been following Anna Victoria’s fitness strategy with the Body Love App but truthfully it’s been a bit glitchy and in order to avoid letting those glitches become total barriers to my workouts I’ve started branching out a little more on my own with workout moves I like but still following her circuit structure and dividing my 6 workout days the over the same schedule so even though it’s a loose interpretation of her workouts the inspo is still there!

Honestly, I think I kind of flip back and forth between, on the one hand, liking the “don’t think just do” of a workout plan like Anna Victoria’s or any other app/plan where you just open it up and follow along and then, on the other hand, also liking the control and ability to do something different all the time of creating my own plan.

I’m not sure I’d say I’ve seen hardcore results just yet but it’s only been 4 weeks and as I’ve already admitted 2 of those weeks were seriously imperfect. I haven’t gained any more weight though and that’s a big bonus and an encouraging sign that I am successfully putting a stop to the bad and throwing it in reverse.

I think it helps that I know at the end of the week I have these little notes to post. This and instagram do make me want to do better!

Those are some of the bigger thoughts and here’s a point form version of the small victories and changes:

  • When I couldn’t make a great food choice (on the road, busy days) I found a way to not make the worst choice.
    I have a tendency to give up easily when I can’t eat well and just go from a plan of eating veggies and lean meats to thinking if that can’t happen I might as well dive into a pile of burgers, bacon, fries and everything else salty and fried. I’ve pulled back on that I gone with healthier fast food options like booster juice or subway in place of burgers and poutine (sometimes).
  • I’ve been more mindful of movement and stillness.
    If I can’t work out for some reason, like teaching a 14 hour day and really truly feeling there’s no time for a good workout, I’ve worked on pushing to maybe stand while I teach for a bit or walk around the house for 2 minutes in between classes. I’ve made sure that movement is a part of my day even when it isn’t the ideal workout or hardcore sweat sesh
  • I’ve stayed focused on the big goals.
    I promised myself a massage if I could stay focused this month and I’ve watched the calendar, keeping in mind the longer term goals so that day to day ups and downs aren’t as significant as setbacks.
  • I’ve lost around 3 pounds. I’d rather shed that in a week or so than a whole month but you know what, it’s still 3 pounds I’m down instead of up so I’ll take that and try to improve moving forward.


One Comment on “For Fit Sake: Week 4

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss, Carmen! I think it is really hard not to lose focus on your body and wellness when you’re working so hard, so give yourself a break, it sounds like you are doing great. Also, re exercise…have you ever tried the Yoga with Adriene youtube channel? I LOVE her (she has a great sense of humour too!)- there are videos of all lengths and levels of intensity, and she has a great yoga for weight loss series which is more focused on loving your body and building strength than punishing yourself! They are wonderful to start your day with. (I’m an Adriene evangelist)… x


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