The Mermaid Mindset

The mermaid mindset is fearlessly pursuing your dreams, even when they take you off the beaten path. It’s knowing that you define what success means and looks like for you.
There are a lot of amazing blogs, books and ideas out there to guide girls through school, job applications, and making it in whatever industry they’re in.  But something is missing.
Where’s the shout out to the girls that don’t just want to know how to do something well, but how to take their passion to the next level. These are the mermaids.
Mermaids are the girls living life on their terms.  They are boss babes, entrepreneurs, artists, digital nomads, leaders, passionate creators, dreamers and change makers.  Ultimately they are anything they want to be.
Mermaids work, love and live according to their own rules.  This blog is here to support you and your goals. I’m here to remind you that you are a badass and even when it isn’t easy, living the mermaid life is about staying true to yourself and your goals!