Who am I?

I am the creator of this website and although I call myself a city girl, I live in the woods somewhere outside of Toronto.  I can usually be found talking to my cat and looking for snacks.
IMG_8027I’m always on the go, but I like working from home.  Probably because that’s where my cat is and I can snack while building my dreams.  The thing is, I really struggled asking myself “What do I want to do?” and feeling lost when none of the industries I found interesting seemed truly reachable. It weighed on my mind and heart trying to make myself twist, change and fit into a job description… until I wrote my own. Now I’m sharing how I got where I am, the journey which I am still on, and the realities of choosing to be a social entrepreneur and define myself.
I believe that we should follow our own hearts and our own rules when designing our relationships.  After 7 years with my husband, I fell in love with my best friend and her husband. My husband fell for my best friend too, and ever since then, we’ve been a happy polyamorous family. I can’t imagine life without them now.
When I’m not blogging or spending time with one of my partners I’m probably dying a slow, sweaty death on the treadmill.  My secret dream is that science will someday let me eat the pizza and lose the weight but until then, I’m on a journey towards improved health and true mermaid strength.